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And if you knew what your customers were thinking ?



the view of your customers with coupons that automatically come out in random orders from Simple. Your customers visit and answer the questions you have asked them.


statistics from your customers ' answers .

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with order coupons.


your services, utilizing Simple Feedback data

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Is knowledge power 

With the feedback service, you can now have honest answers from your customers as they are completely anonymous but at the same time connected to their order. So you can better evaluate the answers since, in addition to detailed statistics , you see when and by whom they were served but also what they ordered.

Targeted answers 

The best way to improve your services is to ask your customers. But often customers, not wanting to be exposed, do not express their grievances or even if they do, they usually never reach you, from your staff. With the feedback we made sure to receive targeted information from your customers.

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