Your restaurant warehouse management problem has been solved.

Foodcost is one of the biggest expenses of a store. At simple we easily give you price change charts so you can instantly know which price went up or down without wasting much time.

We have Theoretical and real foodcost charts to see at a glance how much your production saves.

Finally, we give you detailed file reports to find your weak points and correct them.


Immediate notification in case a supplier changes the price on a product. Price log for each material


Lost quantity documents in each of your inventory to check what is lost.


Cellar is cloud. This means that you can handle it from anywhere and not just from the store's computer. Even from your cell phone.

You can see more than one warehouse from one device and even place orders from your home. 

Theoretical and
actual foodcost

Analysis of the Theoretical and the actual foodcost of the company so that you know at all times how close you are to your goals

Dish evaluation
(engineering menu)

Foodcost performance evaluation algorithm for each dish separately, depending on its acceptance by your customers,



How do you get orders for your stores, how do you check your deliveries and who is in charge of  this? Cellar can check your stocks and place orders per supplier by following your guidelines. It can even send orders to your suppliers via e-mail!

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