On our data usage policy page we explain what we do with your personal data that we process. When you use our services, you state that you agree to our privacy policy and the other terms we describe here, as well as the terms of use of our services. Our policy can change from time to time. You can consult our page to be informed of any changes


Who we are

SIMPLE is a computer application development company created and owned by C Group SA (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "We"). Simple (303 Mesogeion Ave., Chalandri 15231, tel. 2107470777, info@simple.com.gr ) provides services for the management of restaurants and other businesses through - mainly - online suite of applications, which allow ordering in the store and from home , warehouse management, statistical monitoring, tax mechanism use, data storage, etc.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 679/2016) and the law, the Company is, for the data managed by itself, the "responsible for the processing" of your data, ie the one that determines the purposes and the means of processing your data.


We do not process without your order the content of personal data of third parties registered in your account and processed through our services. The responsibility towards the Company and third parties for data (personal or not) that you process through your account is yours. In this case, we act as "processors" for you, at your request and in accordance with your express instructions, as agreed between us and specified in the terms of use of our services.


In any case, we reserve the right to provide any information required by law and the competent authorities, to refuse processing, to use and to delete any information at our discretion.


What data do we use and why?

We collect and process various information about you, such as your name, store address, email. You give us your data when you want to use our services. Also, your data is automatically collected on the internet through cookies.


A. Your data collected through cookies

1. We use cookies to enable you to save your password for your entry into our system and to improve the operation of our page and your experience in it. Cookies are also installed on your device for the technical operation of the website, and for various other reasons by third parties. You have control over these cookies through the settings you select in your browser. See more on this topic in our cookie policy.


B. Your data that we collect when you give it to us to use our services.

We collect in various ways (direct contact, by phone, through advertisements, through our website, etc.) from you contact information, in order to inform you in more detail about our services. We keep this information for as long as necessary to provide our services to you and to have an idea of your needs in case of future communication.

In the context of the provision of our services, we collect the information required for the conclusion and execution of the contract between us, which we keep for as long as is necessary to fulfill the contract between us or required by law, or until you request its deletion.


The information you give us must be accurate and correct. If we find that you have given us incorrect information, we have the right to delete it, subject to our other rights, especially in the event of a fault or non-infliction of harm to us, our customers, our partners or a third party.


Processing your data based on our legal interest

In addition to our services to you, we may use some of your data for the direct promotion of our other services / products or third party services / products (advertising - marketing).

You always have the opportunity to tell us when you register with our services that you do not want to receive such messages from us, while you can later, in each of these communications, tell us that you do not wish this communication anymore (possibility unsubscribe ).


Who do we share your data with?

We may need to pass on some of your data to our partners / suppliers (for example, to provide accounting support), if this is necessary so that they can provide us with their services.

We also make your data available to the competent authorities, where required by law.

In the event of a legal or other need to secure our legal interests, your data may be disclosed in accordance with the law to other competent authorities and private bodies (power of attorneys, debt information agencies, etc.).


Where we store your data and for how long

We store your data using all required security measures and implementing your privacy policies and procedures.

We respect your right to delete your data, which we will proceed to when you request it, subject to the conditions set by law.


What are your rights and how do you exercise them?

Right of access

You can ask us if we process your data, what it is, for what purpose we process it, if there are others to whom we share it, and so on.

Right of correction

You can ask us to correct / complete your details if you find that they are incomplete or incorrect.

Right of deletion

You can ask us to delete your data. You must remember that this right of yours is restricted to the obligations we may have from the law, to our legitimate interests or the interests and rights of third parties, to the public interest, to the right of expression and so on.

Right to restrict processing

You may request, under certain conditions set out in the law, that you limit the processing of your data by us and thus ensure that no processing is processed for which any other request is pending and until that request is judged.

Right of opposition

You may object to the processing we do on the basis of legal interest, ours or a third party's, as long as this processing infringes your rights and their protection is more important than the legal interest served by the processing.

Right to data portability

You can ask us to deliver or transmit to you a third party the data you have given us (if kept online) in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, if deemed technically and economically possible.


When you exercise these rights, and in order to ensure that we respond to your request correctly, we have the right to ask you for more information to confirm that you are indeed the one requesting something from us in relation to your data.


We have the right to ask you to pay us a reasonable fee for the satisfaction of your requests, based on the principle of proportionality, if, for example, these are unfounded, excessive, costly to satisfy or repeated over and over again. We may also refuse to continue your request if this is unfounded, excessive or abusive.


We remind you that in case you consider that we do not comply with the law and do not respect your rights on your data, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, which in Greece is the Personal Data Protection Authority (see here: www. dpa.gr ).


Ask us

We want to do everything we can to build a relationship of trust with you and to feel safe about your rights and your data. We remind you that we are at your disposal daily at +30 2107470777, while you can always contact us via e-mail at info@simple.com.gr .

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