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This is how a restaurant
software should be

In the Simple Live POS suite you will find all the tools your restaurant needs to operate more efficiently.

The best way
to take an order

Keep the level of service high with tools that make your team work more efficiently.

Piece of cake!  The easiest interface made for everyone.

See the speed and productivity of your business increase. 

You already got equipment? Simple operates there too

Restaurant pos

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Payments for restaurants

Contactless payments on your device without POS

​Accept payments quickly and without errors from the waiter's device.

Accept payments without POS

Close your funds quickly and easily. 

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!

Controlling a large business is not an easy task. With the Simple Live Suite you'll feel like you're really in control of your  of your business from wherever you are!

Income-expenditure tracking and accounting reports. 

The easiest way to monitor your business 

See detailed deals and cancellations so you don't miss anything.

focus application

Warehouse management and
food cost analysis

Take control of raw materials with the best warehouse and food cost management platform.

Control your food cost

Price changing log

Theoretical vs  Actual Food cost

Send orders to suppliers via e-mail or SMS

Take a look at you stock.. Live

Menu engineering algorithm 

Get maximum profit from your tables!

Manage your tables, reservations and waits in a way that will increase profitability and improve Service. 

Connected with your waiters

Free online reservations

Sms when table is ready

διαχείρηση κρατήσεων εστιατορίου
menu scan10.jpg

E Menu

With the digital menu let customers view it, or even order from their devices.

It speaks the language of your customers

Photos and descriptions. 

On-Line order

Call the waiter

The next level of Kitchen Display System

Take a step further in organizing your production with Prepare by  SimpleLivePos. 

Multiple kitchen displays with various functionality 

Improve preparation time with item summarization

Call a waiter via notification

Synchronize your service with preparation time of each dish


Food crouses support 


Keep in touch
with your customers ...

Keep your customers loyal, with a series of marketing tools. 

Loyalty system

Find out what your customers think with a feedback system

Customer file and activity history



Start today from hidden charges. Change package or cancel any time.



Cloud management suite

Online catalog

Unlimited print posts

Customer loyalty system

24-hour technical support 

+€6 for each additional user

Restaurant Pro


All the benefits of Basic +

Reservation system and
online booking​

and food cost management

Your package

Create your own package adapted to the needs of your own business 

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