Does the system you use seem a bit old and difficult to use?

Scheduled a free presentation

Monitoring inventory

Reports in excel for your accounting department

Detailed sales statistics

Barcode recognition

Also on a tablet or a POS

Expenses managment


Make your customers come back again and again using the simple loyalty system. Customers who join the loyalty system earn points with each order and redeem them by earning discounts.

It turns out that customers who use point cards spend more money on member stores. Adopt the tactics used by the larger corporations to keep their customers

The loyalty system is provided free of charge with the basic Simple package!


What if you knew what your customers were thinking?

At Simple we thought of a way that could reliably show you what your customers think of you. Find your weaknesses and get even better!

Start today from

39 € / month

Have you already paid for devices for another application? Simple probably runs there too.
Technical support is included!

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